Our Delivery Model

We help you build your energy storage solution for your net-zero future

At ENERGYNEST, we understand that every plant has its own unique setup. Likewise, every production process is designed for purpose, and needs tailored energy support to evolve towards sustainability.


Our energy storage solutions are no different, and are customized to your specific needs on site: with our ThermalBatteryTM powering each one at the core. Addressing both your business needs and your project’s energy demands and potential, we offer three unique delivery models for all of our applications:

Modules only

Delivery of ThermalBatteryTM modules from ENERGYNEST only, including system design and customization according to client requirements.


Any civil and structural works needed, including insulation, system integration (piping, valves, instrumentation and control (I&C)) is delivered by the client’s own engineering team through their engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) channels.


This solution best suits clients with complex interfaces, their own in-house engineering capabilities and a well-established framework of contracts with preferred equipment suppliers.

Full scope solution

Turn-key-delivery of this solution includes system design and customization according to client requirements, detailed engineering, procurement, delivery, erection and commissioning as a fully functional system up to customer interfaces. This is delivered by ENERGYNEST together with partners.


This solution best suits clients interested in full management of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) risks by ENERGYNEST, and/or those with limited equipment or specific requirements to enable the most cost-effective sourcing of suppliers.

Zero CAPEX investment costs for your full scope solution

A turn-key system designed, constructed and fully financed by ENERGYNEST according to client specifications and requirements.


Payback is generated via profit sharing in a long-term (10 to 15 years) agreement with the client.


This solution best suits clients interested in full takeover of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) by ENERGYNEST combined with the removal of upfront CAPEX investments and/or financing barriers.


Partnerships to power the energy transition

With our strong partner relationships, we seamlessly produce and integrate our ThermalBatteriesTM into existing infrastructure. Creative, flexible collaboration with industry leaders makes turning heat waste to energy a reality today – not tomorrow. We deliver our projects together with strong partners in well-established processes to guarantee smooth execution and seamless integration.

Electrify industry with power-to-x

Replacing fossil fuel based generation by electrifying industrial processes with renewable power speeds up your decarbonization and unlocks valuable cost savings. Store low-cost renewable excess power during off-peak hours in our ThermalBatteryTM and transform it into high grade process heat or steam on demand with power-to-x.

Unlock concentrated solar power use

Thermal energy storage provides affordable, reliable and cost-efficient energy storage technology for industrial processes and CSP/CST plants. With plug and play integration, it enables 24/7 power, heat or steam supply ‒ providing a cost-competitive storage solution compared to molten-salt.

Benefit from 24/7 green steam supply

Industrial operations have back-up solutions to manage under-supply and volatility of heat, and heat dumping mechanisms in case of over-supply. Our energy storage captures and stores excess steam, allowing it to be re-used in existing production cycles – increasing the security of steam supply and ultimately decreasing operating costs.

Capture and time-shift waste heat

Creating access to waste heat from industrial processes and re-using it on demand has a massive impact on global energy efficiency. Our energy storage captures and stores excess heat to provide affordable energy on demand for energy-intensive industries – bringing major cost and efficiency savings.


Steam grid balancing in chemical plant unlocks new energy flexibility

Together with the world-leading fertilizer company YARA International, we have integrated a 4 MWh ThermalBattery directly connected to the steam grid at their production facility in Norway.