Steam to power for CCGTs

From dumped steam to efficient CCGT power

In recent years, the volatile feed-in of renewable energy sources has sent electricity prices into daily rollercoasters, requiring combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) to move from baseload to two or even three cycles a day.


This stop-start approach means precious steam is being dumped and wasted. Storing steam and turning it to power captures, stores and recycles excess steam, allowing it to be re-used for auxiliary processes as needed.

How steam to power for CCGTs works

(1) Steam is withdrawn from live steam line when steam parameters (sufficient superheating) are not met, to directly charge the ThermalBatteryTM instead of directly condensing these amounts

(2) Steam is condensed inside the ThermalBatteryTM system, and heat and incurring condensate is stored at minimal losses
(3) The ThermalBatteryTM is discharged to medium-pressure extraction/admission and/or low-pressure auxiliary-systems grid, boosting power production to sell more electricity and/or supply ancillary services and/or replace auxiliary steam during shut-down-times

How this benefits your business

Save money easily

Usually payback in <5 years. Depending on the CCGT design, you can save gas and carbon certificate costs for auxiliary boiler when CCGT is stopped, and earn additional money from electricity markets when CCGT is running due to less steam being extracted from the steam turbine.

Reduce CO2 emissions
Lighthouse project to highlight approach to further increase efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions where possible.
Increase security of supply

Harness increased security of supply, with auxiliary boilers usually remaining as backup in cold standby increasing redundancy to n-2. Increased operational flexibility of the CCGT plant.

Integrate technology easily
No interference with core CCGT process, except for required T-interfaces in steam grids and design for fully-automated operation.

How this solution is built


ThermalBatteryTMpackage including modules, insulation, superstructure and thermal foundation.


Steam-BOP-package including piping, pressure vessel, valves and instrumentation. Depending on customer requirements usually implemented within plant distributed control system (DCS).


ORC-System designed by our industrial partner Turboden with up to 20MWel exceeding 20% gross electric efficiency

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    All our customer solutions are based on our modular, scalable patented ThermalBatteryTM technology. This is based on high-performance thermal concrete storage at scale, using innovative embedded heat exchangers.

    Dynamic delivery models

    Together with our strong network of partners we deliver our solutions as turn-key systems, as build-own-operate, or simply adjust the ThermalBatteryTM as hardware ‒ entirely according to your needs.