24/7 green steam supply
and steam grid balancing

How to capture steam to improve energy efficiency, profitability or steam grid balancing?


Industrial operations are usually designed with back-up solutions to cope with under-supply and volatility of heat. In case of over-supply, heat dumping mechanisms are used to keep systems running, making production processes more expensive and less efficient. Trips in these processes can impose even more significant economic production impacts.


Our solution opens ways to avoid steam dumping or wasting natural gas, and also allows boosting power generation in big industrial clusters or power plants. By plugging ENERGYNESTs ThermalBattery™ into industrial operations, (excess) steam is captured, stored, and recycled into new production cycles. Heat is therefore no longer lost when there is no direct offtake, but is instead transformed into energy and green steam on demand for 24/7 use. The integrated storage system enables industrial operators to effectively balance their steam grids, increasing the security of steam supply, generating profitable fuel savings or extra profit from power generation, and ultimately decreasing operating costs.

Our applications for your industry

Steam power plants and steam generation are critical elements of any network’s generation portfolio but are often punished for their inflexibility. The ThermalBattery™ acts like an extraction by diverting live steam from the boiler away from the turbine when compelled and discharging back into the steam water cycle when opportune. The thermal storage responds within seconds to any change in load, or going from charge to discharge, enabling for the plant’s participation in a myriad of power markets and balancing the local steam grid and steam production. With fast ramping capabilities, the plant is also enabled for frequency regulation and participation in the reserve market.

In recent years, the volatile feed-in of renewable energy sources has sent electricity prices into daily rollercoasters, requiring combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) to move from baseload to two or even three cycles a day.  This stop-start approach means precious steam is being dumped and wasted – but a new solution is here.

Storing steam and turning it to power captures, stores and recycles excess steam, allowing it to be re-used for auxiliary processes as needed

Application Benefits

  • Save money easily
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Increase security of supply
  • Integrate technology easily

In recent years, the volatile feed-in of renewable energy sources has sent electricity prices into daily rollercoasters and anchilliary service compensation in the sky. Due to inflexible boilers, industrial steam delivery contracts and/or disposal requirements, existing biomass, waste-to-energy plants often can not benefit from this but instead are forced to accept losses in these hours and dump electricity in the grid when it is not needed.

Storing steam and turning it to power offers an antidote, bringing a new dimension to must-run electricity generation. By unlocking the flexibility to time shift power production from low to high, additional revenues are generated

Application Benefits

  • Boost your profits
  • Increase security of supply
  • Pioneer supporting renewables

Industrial processes are usually not designed for volatility. In order to attain stability, heating of endothermal- or cooling of exothermal processes  must continue round the clock – adding major cost and resource burdens to power plants. But all too often batch processes or interruptions lead to imbalances between supply and demand requiring back-up boilers to start or steam to be dumped. Our steam to steam storage syste, fills exactly this gap by storing, time-shifting and balancing high- or medium pressure steam to make it available on demand: achieving true balance needed for greener industrial processes.

Application Benefits

  • Decarbonize heating immediately
  • Save money easily
  • Optimize automation
  • Increase security of supply

ThermalBattery™ technology, tailored to your operations

Our energy storage solution uses our patented, modular ThermalBattery™ technology to plug seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Reduce reliance on back-up boilers to manage under-supply and heat demand fluctuations, and instead rely on ThermalBattery™ to convert excess steam into on-demand green energy.
EnergyNest Termal Battery

Tell us about your energy needs, and we’ll help you find an innovative renewable storage solution – right here, right now.

Tell us about your energy needs, and we’ll help you find an innovative renewable storage solution – right here, right now.


Masdar pilot: First ThermalBatteryTM success in a live setting

In 2015, ENERGYNEST installed and commissioned our ThermalBattery pilot with combined capacity of 1 MWhth at the Masdar Institute Solar Platform (MISP) in UAE.