Our technology

Game-changing ThermalBatteryTM technology for thermal energy storage

All our storage solutions and applications for industry are based on our innovative, patented ThermalBatteryTM technology. This enables high performance thermal storage at scale.

The core of all of our energy storage solutions: The ThermalBatteryTM

At the core of our energy storage solutions sits innovative ThermalBatteryTM technology. This efficient, modular, scalable and safe thermal storage is made from abundant, recyclable and non-hazardous geomaterials including steel and the high-performance thermal concrete HEATCRETE®.
EnergyNest Termal Battery

How our technology changes heat into green energy

(1) To charge the ThermalBatteryTM , hot heat transfer fluid (HTF) directly flows through embedded steel pipes from top to bottom, transferring thermal energy to the HEATCRETE®, its core storage material.

(2) Energy is stored with minimal heat loss until it is needed.

(3) During discharge the flow is reversed; cold heat transfer fluid (HTF) flows in at the bottom and exits hot, supplying energy from the top of the ThermalBatteryTM.



With water/steam as HTF the ThermalBatteryTM acts as a steam cooler and condenser in charge mode, and as a boiler and superheater in discharge mode, using the same principles of steam generators installed in conventional- and solar thermal power plants.

Operational range of ThermalBatteryTM

Maximum temperature for charging our battery is around 400°C using conventional carbon steel piping. Economical applications charge between 250°C and 400°C and discharge between 150° to 350°C. Usually, customer solutions range from 5 to 1000 MWh, with charging/discharging durations from several minutes to several hours.

Charging based on thermal oil system

Future-ready thermal oil systems are at the heart of our power, solar and waste heat storing solutions.


In these systems, thermal oil is used to transfer thermal energy from a sink to the ThermalBatteryTM, before supplying it back to a sink when needed. When charging, hot thermal oil is pumped from heat sources such as electric heaters, heat exchangers or solar fields by a pump skid, moving through the steel pipes of the ThermalBatteryTM from top to bottom. This transfers thermal energy to the storage material.


On discharge, the flow of the fluid is reversed. Constant outlet temperature can be provided in both charge and discharge via integrated piping bypass systems with control valves. To balance changes in volume, the system includes an expansion vessel. The type of thermal oil is tailored to the specific needs of the system and customer requirements. The Thermal-Oil-BOP-package including piping, pumps, valves and expansion vessel is usually delivered as ready to install skid.

Charging based on steam system

Steam systems are at the heart of our steam storage solutions.

During charging, high pressure steam from source (steam grid, turbine or boiler) flows into the system where it condenses in the ThermalBatteryTM modules while transferring the heat to the storage material. The condensate is collected in a pressure vessel.

During discharge to a medium- or low-pressure sink (turbine, steam grid or production process), the pressure and the corresponding saturation temperature decrease below the temperature of the storage-material, which starts the evaporation process in both the modules and the vessel (flashing). A control valve on top of the vessel controls this dual evaporation process to ensure a stable supply of dry saturated or slightly superheated steam. If required, the evaporation system can be connected in series with a superheater ThermalBatteryTM to provide high-temperature superheated steam.

Saturated or superheated steam can be provided with constant, stepped or sliding pressure and temperature.

The Steam-BOP-package including piping, valves and pressure-vessel can be delivered as ready to install skid.

Visionary projects, successfully delivered

ENERGYNEST put its innovative technology through rigorous testing in our ThermalBatteryTM pilot, installed at Masdar, Abu Dhabi. We are currently delivering several pioneering commercial projects for different applications.

Partnerships to power the energy transition

With our strong partner relationships, we seamlessly integrate our ThermalBatteriesTM into existing infrastructure. Creative, flexible collaboration with industry leaders makes waste to energy a reality today – not tomorrow.