Energy storage is at the heart of the energy transition – powering the move to a renewable future for global industry and ending fossil fuel dependency.

At ENERGYNEST, we make it happen every day. And the change towards energy transition needs visionary leaders.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer, EnergyNest

Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer, EnergyNest

Chief Revenue Officer

Chief Revenue Officer, EnergyNest

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer, EnergyNest

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VP Project Development, EnergyNest

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Powering the global energy transition

ENERGYNEST is a dynamic, future-facing energy company founded in 2011 with the goal to engineer scalable, modular thermal batteries that store and supply clean energy on demand. Our energy storage solutions are a game-changer for reducing energy or heat waste and decarbonizing industry. We’re here to help you make it happen.

A team with a vision for real impact

We combine an entrepreneurial mindset with collaborative green engineering expertise, to offer innovative industrial solutions for a renewable future. We dare to lead, think flexibly and take action for sustainability. What about you?

Partnerships to power the energy transition

With our strong partner relationships, we seamlessly produce and integrate our ThermalBatteriesTM into existing infrastructure. Creative, flexible collaboration with industry leaders makes turning heat waste to energy a reality today – not tomorrow. We deliver our projects together with strong partners in well-established processes to guarantee smooth execution and seamless integration.