If you are an energy producer or industrial consumer, it’s time to turn your reliance on large quantities of heat or excess electricity into a business advantage.


ENERGYNEST’s storage technology captures waste energy and repurposes it as on-demand renewable power – maximizing your energy flexibility, cost-savings and decarbonization.



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    Electrify industry with power-to-x

    Replacing fossil fuel based generation by electrifying industrial processes with renewable power speeds up your decarbonization and unlocks valuable cost savings. Store low-cost renewable excess power during off-peak hours in our ThermalBatteryTM and transform it into high grade process heat or steam on demand with power-to-x.

    Unlock concentrated solar power use

    Thermal energy storage provides affordable, reliable and cost-efficient energy storage technology for industrial processes and CSP/CST plants. With plug and play integration, it enables 24/7 power, heat or steam supply ‒ providing a cost-competitive storage solution compared to molten-salt.

    Benefit from 24/7 green steam supply

    Industrial operations have back-up solutions to manage under-supply and volatility of heat, and heat dumping mechanisms in case of over-supply. Our energy storage captures and stores excess steam, allowing it to be re-used in existing production cycles – increasing the security of steam supply and ultimately decreasing operating costs.

    Capture and time-shift waste heat

    Creating access to waste heat from industrial processes and re-using it on demand has a massive impact on global energy efficiency. Our energy storage captures and stores excess heat to provide affordable energy on demand for energy-intensive industries – bringing major cost and efficiency savings.