Create efficient power-to-x
with electrification of industry
and storing low-cost
renewable power

How to capture and recycle
low-cost renewable electricity excess or manage grid connection, intermittency and system integration for renewable energy developers?


Ending fossil fuel dependency by scaling renewables will only work if we can electrify industrial processes and at the same time store excess renewable energy whenever it is available and successfully manage a full system integration from renewable production, to grid connection and end-consumers. A time-shifted dispatch and optimized flexibility of supply across the globe will allow industry to benefit from large amounts of green energy that would otherwise be wasted.


Storing (excess) power in our thermal battery provides green, affordable, and reliable energy on demand for industries such as chemicals, paper & pulp, and food & beverage manufacturers or utilities and green energy developers – speeding up their decarbonization strategies and unlocking valuable cost savings. Partnering with industrials, ENERGYNEST plugs its modular ThermalBattery™ into existing infrastructures to store low-cost renewable electricity and transform it into high grade process heat and steam on demand.

Our application for your industry

Whether you are a reneable energy developer or utility looking to substantially increase your competitiveness in bids or tenders, or you are an industrial company with a renewable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or on-site generation, thermal energy storage is your go-to solution.


By electrifying industrial processes by changing from gas-fired boilers to e-boilers, and charging a thermal storage system during off-peak hours and discharging it on demand, you protect your business from price volatility and market price exposure, fluctuating gas prices, CO2 compensation costs and grid imbalance fees. By facilitating absorption and redispatch of renewable energy, you even avoid curtailment, allowing you to sell more power during peaks and less during off-peak times – or use it on demand for producing green heat or steam for production processes.


ENERGYNEST thermal energy storage also allows thermal power generators such as waste-to-energy, CHPs, CCGTs or biomass the ability to optimize their power revenues by storing energy as heat.

All over Europe, large-scale photovoltaic (PV) projects and wind farms are being developed, with expansion targets more than doubling countries’ peak demands.  At the same time, industrial manufacturers are desperately seeking ways to decarbonize their process steam, yet heat pumps don’t work for temperatures >200°, geothermal energy is rarely available, and the availability of sustainable biomass/biogas is very limited.

Turning power to steam on manufacturing or utility level with thermal energy storage is the missing link by storing excess electricity and making it available on demand for steam production. This reduces plant operating costs, creates new revenue streams and enables 24/7 renewable energy supply, all as part of an integrated waste to energy solution.

Application Benefits

  • Decarbonize heating immediately
  • Save money easily
  • Optimize automation
  • Charge system rapidly

Project development for CHP facility with more than 3.7 mEUR projected revenue

ENERGYNEST is currently developing a ThermalBattery™ for a combined heat and power (CHP) facility. The battery is charged with excess electricity from a nearby wind park. This allows independent power producers to reduce curtailment when renewables produce more power than the grid can absorb. Unlike lithium batteries, the ThermalBattery™ allows a long discharge duration, from several hours to several days, enabling uninterrupted supply during long power deficit periods. The


ThermalBattery™ system effectively reduces the high logistics cost, fluctuating prices and polluting emissions of fossil fuels that would otherwise be used in gas turbines and diesel gensets. This allows for a greater penetration of renewables through low cost, large-scale, long-duration storage. CHP asset owners actively bid their power in wholesale day-ahead markets, in addition to providing load in balancing markets whilst local wind developers avoid imbalance fees.

ThermalBattery™ technology, tailored to your operations

Our energy storage solution uses our patented, modular ThermalBattery™ technology to plug seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Capture and store low-cost renewable electricity, then transform it into high grade process heat and steam on demand, whenever you need.

EnergyNest Termal Battery

Tell us about your energy needs, and we’ll help you find an innovative renewable storage solution – right here, right now.

Tell us about your energy needs, and we’ll help you find an innovative renewable storage solution – right here, right now.


Masdar pilot: First ThermalBatteryTM success in a live setting

In 2015, ENERGYNEST installed and commissioned our ThermalBattery pilot with combined capacity of 1 MWhth at the Masdar Institute Solar Platform (MISP) in UAE.